Yvonne Nelson Reveals Date Of First Sexual Encounter

Yvonne Nelson

So, if Yvonne Nelson is to be believed, she first had sex in 2017, on Valentine’s day never having had it before then.

Just like her fellow actress Moyo Lawal, Nelson claims she hadn’t seen any action before that day. So when you consider that she gave birth to a child less than 9 months later, it seems she is hinting that her first ever sexual experience also led to her very first pregnancy– make of that what you will.

The actress revealed this and a fair bit more in a Twitter Q&A session that she had and it was one of the questions which she was asked.

Yvonne Nelson Sex

She also answered a number of other questions including what she had for dinner, if she is in a relationship (the answer is no by the way), if she would be doing any projects in East Africa and how she became so beautiful.

Recall that Yvonne Nelson recently admitted that she is no longer with her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.

She had said at the time in an interview with Joy FM that everyone knows they are no longer together and that his visit to Ghana to see his daughter was simply that, “He doesn’t live here, so I guess he is having fun. You guys can check him out on social media. He is always posting stuff on social media, I believe he is okay, he is doing well. The last time I saw him, I was writing exams, I didn’t see much of him, but he was here with his two kids to see my daughter…me I was busy writing my exams. Everyone knows we are not together,”

During the Twitter session, she was also asked about her ideal man, to which she answered that all she wants is someone intelligent, hardworking and funny.

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