Yvonne Nelson Confirms Split With Baby Daddy

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has confirmed that she has indeed split from her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts, just a couple of years after giving birth.

The actress revealed this in an interview with Naa Ashokor on Joy FM.

There had been rumors that the two were done after they both deleted each other off their respective social media accounts, but there had never been any tacit admission of the breakup.

Yvonne Nelson has also expressed that she would have loved to have another baby, but that is now impossible due to her status as a single lady.

She also spoke about how Motherhood had changed her, “Motherhood has changed me, I’ve now grown to love kids and I would love to have a 2nd baby but i’m very single at the moment. The father of my child and I have gone our separate ways, and I’m just doing my best for my daughter, Ryn”.

Yvonne Nelson might have expressed a desire to have another baby, but this doesn’t mean she found the period of pregnancy easy. She intimated in the interview that pregnancy was a difficult time for her, “I did not have a great time while pregnant; I had a high blood pressure whiles pregnant. It wasn’t easy, and I lost some jobs in the process, and had to close my shop as well”

The loss of job she’s referring to could be the loss of her role as Ambassador to telecommunications giant, Tecno. Yvonne Nelson had been an Ambassador to the mobile phone company but she claims that she was dropped by them due to her pregnancy.

She mentioned this in an Instagram post where she posted a photo of a news article where it was reported that a Kenyan MP who was ousted from the chamber because she brought her baby. She captioned the image: ” A telecommunication company dropped me because i came clean and told them i was pregnant, they wanted me to shoot an ad, told them i had 3 months more to go and assured them I could come to work right after!


“Guess what, the lady who called didn’t even say congrats she said ‘sorry yvonne, the dynamics will change’ i was hurt! I was broken! All these and more made me stronger!! IM PROUD TO BE A MOTHER!!!! Best decision ever! I will forever WIN!!!!!”


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