Yung6ix Out of Jail After Wrongful Imprisonment, Promises to Sue


Nigerian rapper Yung6ix has found himself the subject of racial profiling in the United States and has promised to sue.

The rapper, put out a video on his Instagram where he said he just got out of jail after they found out he was innocent and he said Black lives matter. He also stated that would not be stopped and that he would keep moving no matter what.

He tried to shed some more light on the situation in the caption for the post where he said: “Was wrongfully accused by kays jewelers. Spent the last few hours wondering if I was gonna be another innocent black man getting f—ked by the system. I’m going to be pressing charges for racial profiling #blacklivesmatter. Jealous out 27th shout to all my J.D’s and everyone who supported my release today.”

It’s a relief that Yung6ix is safe and sound. 2019 has been a rather eventful year for the rapper who was accosted by hoodlums at Alpha beach back in April. According to, an eyewitness said of the incident: “I was there, I saw the whole thing. At first, we all felt it was just boys begging Yung6ix to show love and find them small money. But we started hearing noise and argument. Before we knew what was happening, they snatched his chain immediately and rough-handled the guy.”

He also welcomed a baby boy in February posting on his Instagram at the time, “My God sent blessing. My boy Noah-Carter 6ix,”

It’s unfortunate that Yung6ix had to go through such an ordeal, it is hoped he actually takes action and gets justice.

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