YouTube celebrates rise of Afrobeats with Burna Boy on the Spotlight

YouTube recently launched its Spotlight Story documentary on Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter Burna Boy. After the release of his 2012 single “Like to Party”, Burna Boy got the fame he had always desired and has since become one of the leading musical voices on the African continent.

The 18-minute long documentary was launched at an exclusive watch party and tells the story of how AfroBeats has risen to the top in the African music scene. The video also sees Burna Boy and his manager, Bose Ogulu (who just happens to be his mum), sharing stories of how Burna Boy has grown over time.

This is not the first time YouTube has built a story around Burna Boy. In October 2018, he got an ‘Artist on the Rise’ feature on Youtube for Artists web page. The video streaming service has played a major role in supporting African musicians and artists in sharing their voice, art and culture with the world.

For years now, YouTube has played an essential role in the discovery and development of African sound, exporting African music to listeners worldwide, enabling collaborations within the global and regional music industry and accelerating the transition to digital for fans on the continent. Additionally, YouTube’s technology has also allowed music producers to be inspired and collaborate like never before.

This is another feather to Burna Boy’s numerous caps and we at Nollywoodalive is glad we have a gem like Burna Boy in the Nigerian music industry. More grace to your elbow BURNA BOY!!!

You can watch the video below:

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