“You’re Really A Miserable Human Being” – Kim Kardashian Goes Off On Her Sister, Kourtney

What is Keeping Up With The Kardashians, without all the drama? The show must go on and the new trailer for the new season shows some sister feud drama.

In an all-new season of Keep Up With The Kardashians, Kourtney could be heard saying she’d be happy if the reality show comes to an end after revealing that her sister, Kim is evil.

Wondering what must have caused the altercation? Well, it is a build-up of anger. Things have been a little strange between two sisters for a while now and in the new season 17 of KUWTK.

First, it was all about Kim’s side comments about Kourtney’s healthy lifestyle which got Kourtney really offended, then she(Kim) went on saying “we are firing Kourtney”.

In another episode, the two sisters went at each other with really mean words that got Kris and Khole involved. Kourtney was on the phone, narrating to a friend about the fight she got into with Kim. “ Kim and I just got into the biggest fight. She’s just going crazy, sending me the meanest message. She said to me, you’re the biggest ungrateful bi**h, so I said God, you’re such a petty woman.” Khole joined Kourtney in the car and reacted sarcastically, “Oh We are fighting. Oh Good!”

Kim debriefed their mum, Kris on the new drama that started off with Kim accusing her sister, Kourtney of stealing her style. Kris who is not enjoying what is going on told them that they fight dirtier than they think.

Kourtney continued her confrontation with Kim by taking a jab at Kim’s current humanitarian service by first, going to law school so she can help innocent people regain their freedom…” you’re going to law school to become a lawyer and these are the kind of problems you have?” Referring to Kim’s accusation of Kourtney stealing her(Kim) style.

Kim reacted “you’re really a miserable human being and you keep not understanding the issue because all of the sudden turnouts into such a humanitarian and talk the world’s issues which you have not contributed one ounce to the world.”

Still pained that Kourtney had to talk about her(Kim) humanitarian services, she complained to their mum, Kris saying what she’s doing is for the world.

With all the drama between the two sisters, I guess the pressure of being perfect for the cameras for so long, is quite a lot to handle.

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