Your dreams are valid! Adekunle Gold once photoshopped himself with celebrities now he takes pictures with them

Adekunle Gold

Remember when Adekunle Gold used to photoshop himself with celebrities to generate some buzz online? You don’t?

Now do you remember? No?



Now do you remember? Yes? Excellent!

Well, now he is known round the world with his alternative musical style that fuses modern sounds with more traditional elements and his penchant to add a lot of Yoruba to his songs (Ire is still playing in our heads).

In an interview with CNN’s African Voices, Adekunle Gold reminisced about the good old times before he became popular.

African Voices is a feature on CNN that highlights the continent’s most dazzling trendsetters who create their own subcultures in areas such as travel, fashion, art, music, technology and architecture.

He spoke about how the idea of photoshopping himself into images came to him.

“So, my intention was never to go mainstream right?” he stated in the interview, “I wanted mainstream to come to me, and that happened and is still happening”

Adekunle Gold, who also recently got married to fellow singer Simi, explained how the idea of photoshopping came to him, “I like Tiwa Savage a lot, so i just saw a picture and was like one day i’d love to take a picture with her you know, maybe a selfie or something.

“And i thought, wait, yeah i can! Yeah, i can get in a picture with Tiwa Savage”

He also explained how his friends did not believe him, “Are you mad?” he narrated that they asked.

“So i just took a picture of me and i posed like i was holding her from behind and then we shot the picture and then i did the magic on photoshop and then i posted it.”

The photos were a hit and from there Adekunle Gold reckoned he could get people to know him for the photos before the music.

It worked a treat and now he is one of the biggest names in Nigerian music.

The moral of the story? Your dreams are valid, keep doing what you’re doing (unless it’s defrauding people online, then please stop) and you never know, dreams do come true.

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