Young Nigerian Musician Commits Suicide

Pelepele suicide

Unfortunately, suicide is becoming more and more prevalent in our society and it has struck again with a young musician, Olanrewaju Pelepele ending his life yesterday.

The singer had come out just under two weeks ago to talk about his battle with depression in a video where he claimed that he was ready to take his own life.

Olanrewaju went through with it and is now another casualty for 2019.

There was an emotional outpouring following the suicide as friends, fans and people in general bemoaned his decision.

He was found dead  in his apartment on Friday, September 20th 2019. It is believed that he committed suicide partly due to being unable to break into the music industry. It is also likely that he suffered from a mental illness and didn’t have enough of a support system.


There were also reports that he had a deal with God that he had to make it within a 10 year timeline which didn’t work out and was part of the reason for his death.

“I heard an upcoming artiste (olanrewaju Pelepele) committed suicide Bcos he hasn’t gotten to limelight after he gave God a timeline of 10 years to blow. (very crazy)” said a comment on Twitter reacting to the news.

Another rapper, Tipsy, also commented on the death, saying: “It’s a shame pelepele commited suicide apparently cos he couldn’t blow. Man I took that blow shit off my mind so that I can be happy in life. Death ain’t the way. He was a good rapper”

One of the comments stated that they saw the video Pelepele made before he killed himself and he sympathised with the singer over the feeling of isolation he must have been experiencing.

“Saw the videos Pelepele made a few days before his suicide.What struck me was how hopeless & unwanted he must have felt that even after curating his last moments & his suicide plans,he still got scant attention. Must have been extremely tough to take. I hope he finds peace now.” he said.

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