YBNL Signee, Temmine Ovwasa Stirred Up Controversy On Twitter On Rape Cases/Victims

Often referred to as YBNL’s little princess, Temmine Ovwasa, the 22year old singer, has stirred up controversy on raped victims who drag their abusers to court, through her twitter account which has got people surprised.

Her tweets were responses to the report by many that often states that Nigerian women who have the courage to speak up about being molested, are lying! Not pleased with that common notion, the fast-rising artiste went on a ranting spree in a bid to change the narrative.

As suspected, the tweets got the attention of many and mixed reactions.She stated that, even if the allegations are untrue, but the lady says she was raped, then she was raped and if the agitations of others, somehow got to her to the extent where she had to retract her statement, it doesn’t stop the truth that she was raped.

If she says she was raped, then she was raped. Idgaf about any evidence from a man, it’s not the first time a rapist will try to prove his innocence. If she comes out to retract her statement, I still believe that she was raped.


Her tweets prompted so many reactions👇👇

Rape and all forms of sexual abuse has been a hot topic over the last few years especially with the increasing number of people coming out to share their experiences. So what do you think about her line of thought?

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