Yahoo Yahoo Is Just A Game, Why Should Yahoo Boys Be Arrested?- Gifty Powers Asks

It is no longer news that cybercrime has become a societal issue that is affecting the image of Nigeria and its citizens both locally and internationally. For this reason, several concerned individuals have begun to make a fuss about the issue in recent times, however, for some citizens, they appear to support the crime as many of them have termed it as a way for Nigerians to recover whatever the colonial masters carted away.

Now, in what appears to be a show of support to those perpetrating the crime, former BBNaija star, Gifty Powers has recently shared her opinion on the issue. According to the mother-of-one, she stated that Yahoo Yahoo is not a crime but rather just a game and therefore, why should Yahoo Boys be arrested.

In her words;

Why should Yahoo Boys be arrested though?? It’s just a game. Is either you gain or you lose.

PS: besides you wey be victim, wenti carry you go that side of shokoto, no be wenti you see, you carry am.. Abi person force you for duping. Mtchewww.

And the worst part is that police people no dey investigate sef. As long as laptop dey your hand… YOU ARE UNDER ARREST. For??????

Nawa o…

Anyway, this doesn’t come as a surprise given that in recent times, several individuals have shown subtle support for the shady business. In fact, we have seen musicians sing praises and adoration of these fraudsters, hence giving these perpetrators a new sense of affection for their chosen professions.

The Nigerian government really needs to do better at protecting the image of this country, stand against these fraudsters and flush them out. They have done enough damage and the earlier we all stand against this societal menace, the better for every citizen – locally or internationally.

What do you think about Gifty’s opinion? Yay or Nay? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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