Yahoo Boys Misinterprete Charles Inojie’s Caption

Charles Inojie

Charles Inojie, star of The Johnsons, and all round funny man, found himself in a bit of a pickle when a caption that was meant to inspire, kinda inspired in the wrong way.

The actor took to his Instagram, and in one of those pretty generic posts where a celebrity would pose in a serious manner and then give out some inspirational post, said:

Keep pressing
Keep believing
Grace would take u
Where grade cannot
Las Las, we go dey alright

That’s supposed to be something to inspire hope, keep working and things will turn out alright, right? Well, some Yahoo boys descended on his page and started taking things out of context with some comments suggesting that he was inspiring fraudsters to keep ‘pressing’ laptop keys to defraud others.

The actor tried to explain that in no way did he mean to encourage yahoo boys to keep at their craft.

The comments spiraled from there with pro Yahoo and anti-Yahoo people coming out to have another debate on fraud and the implications.

There were a few vitriol filled posts like this guy who said: “Highly obliged to inform your fat dumb ass that yahoo as saved life’s… Your there talking like a fool with your stupid big belle……. @charlesinojie Your very very stupid for this statement …ogun kill you there………. Living testimony if no be yahoo where I for dey… Your stupid ass talking like a fat fool which you are…… Not everybody has the privilege of school… And fat mother fuckers like you @charlesinojie Don’t help poor boys …..ogun kill you there idiot @charlesinojie”

Needless to say, Yahoo Yahoo is not a reasonable way of life and is one that should be condemned in the strictest of terms.

It’s great that Charles Inojie spoke against it as others have.

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