Xenophobia: Tensions Escalate As Celebs Fight It Out On Social Media


The attacks taking place in South Africa over Xenophobia have spilled over to Nigeria as shops were looted and riots occurred.

There was a riot of sorts too on social media as celebrities condemned South Africans for their actions against Nigerians.

The lightning rod for the vitriol seemed to be AKA, real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes who was in the news after his tweets after Nigeria’s win against South Africa in the African cup of Nations. He posted on his Instagram about a show he’s set to have and he was bombarded by Nigerians who abused him in the comments.

The tweet was from almost a week ago but people still came for him including Nigerian comedian, Broda Shaggi.

Broda shaggi v AKA

AKA was more active on Twitter where he has been responding to tweets surrounding the Xenophobia issue.

He wasn’t without allies though, as MI was on hand to try defending the rapper stating that he actually loves Nigeria and has no agenda against the country.

“Also.. I can speak honestly in saying my bro @akaworldwide loves Nigeria.. taken out of context his tweets can be misinterpreted.. however he loves and respects Naija!!!” tweeted MI.

MI on Twitter

MI caught a lot of heat from the tweet including from Burna Boy who also claimed that he had suffered from Xenophobia in South Africa. He stated in a series of tweets that normally he’s all for peace but that he is pained at the attacks on Nigerians.

“But Today After watching the Killing of my people in South Africa the same way we have all watched it happen a few times in the past. FUCK ALL THAT! I personally have had my own xenophobic experiences at the hands of South Africans and because of that…..

“I have not set foot in SA since 2017. And I will NOT EVER go to South Africa again for any reason until the SOUTH AFRICAN government wakes the fuck up and really performs A miracle because I don’t know how they can even possibly fix this.” he said.

He also hit at AKA and MI

” And @MI_Abaga it’s Fuck @akaworldwide from now on. And if you down with him, it’s Fuck you too. I respect you too much, please Don’t throw my respect out the window cuz I swear you will fly out with it.”


Burna Boy wasn’t the only A-list celebrity who expressed dismay at the Xenophobia going on as Genevieve Nnaji also had a few words to say stating that South Africa had always shown that they are hostile towards Nigerians.

She stated this on her social media stating that Nigerians shouldn’t let the hate get them down.

“”A life with us isn’t the worse thing. They need to see one without us. They’ve shown us countless times who they are. Let’s believe them. It’s time to show them who we are. But most importantly, it’s time we believed in ourselves. They see our potential; our greatness. We need to see it too. It’s tough out here I know, but sooner than later we’ll have to realize it’s all we’ve got. We have to make sure our energy and resources are beneficial to all things Her??. We can’t ignore the signs much longer. Change is inevitable. Let us stay ahead of it. #LongliveNigeria ”

Genevieve Nnaji Xenophobia



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