Xenophobia: Nigerian Celebrities React, Call For Boycott


The current wave of xenophobia washing over Nigerians in South Africa which has led to violence and murder, has agitated a large portion of Nigerians.

This includes celebrities who have not made it a secret just how disgusted they are with the behavior by South Africans in this matter.

Celebrities including Banky W, Daddy Freeze, Toyin Lawani and so on have all spoken out against the violence in South Africa against Nigerians.

Some celebrities have called for a boycott of South Africa and South African products, like Daddy Freeze who said that he is boycotting the country and their products; ‘After seeing the pictures and videos, I have made up my mind! Personally, I have boycotted South Africa and gradually I’m boycotting all South African products. I won’t enrich a nation that treats my brothers and sisters like animals’ he said in a post.

Toyin Lawani was also of the opinion that a boycott would be necessary saying on her Instagram:  “This is South Africa, where human beings like us have decided to kill citizens of other countries and loot their properties. This is barbaric, this is wrong in every way but we know the Nigerian Government won’t do anything about it. The best thing is to boycott all SA companies in Nigeria. What do you think?”

Some people had a more diplomatic approach like Banky W who took to his Twitter to call for South African models and leaders to speak against the violence; “The Xenophobia attacks by some South Africans against Nigerians and other foreign Nationals are completely heartbreaking. Sad to see people that suffered through decades of apartheid, violence and hatred, now turning around to do the same/worse to others.

“The people that South Africans look up to should PLEASE speak up and denounce Xenophobia. The Government, business people, athletes, artists, media personalities, and even the average citizens have a responsibility to stand up for justice the way the world stood up for SA”

Political leaders such as Ben Murray Bruce also condemned the actions of South Africans and expressed displeasure at the lack of action from the Nigerian Government.

“I am saddened by the stories and videos coming out of South Africa. I’ve also read reports that the Nigerian embassy in South Africa denied entry to Nigerians who visited to register their displeasure. These incidences are unfortunate. Our citizens deserve better!” he said

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