Xenophobia: AKA Claims No Nigerians Were Killed


South African rapper AKA is of the opinion that only South Africans lost their lives during the unrest in South Africa due to Xenophobia.

The rapper took to his Twitter to claim that there were 12 confirmed deaths and that 10 of them were South African while 2 foreign nationals also lost their lives, but no Nigerians.

In a series of tweets, AKA claimed that no Nigerians lost their lives and that he got his stats from Google and that those who think Nigerians were killed have been duped.

“10 South Africans dead in last two weeks violence … zero Nigerians. Twitter made you turn on your own country. Sies.” he said

He also said that South African celebrities were also duped into believing the news of Nigerians being killed, “Even South African celebrities were duped into thinking we were mass murdering foreigners. I wonder if they will now turn around and send condolences for their own dead countrymen and women.”

He also shared a tweet of where he got the information from, a site called ‘The South African’

So far, there have been no official numbers released of the number of Nigerians killed.

AKA also said that people need to come together and love one another, “How’s about we put all this nonsense behind us and come together as AFRICANS once and for all huh? ❤️”

He also said in another tweet that this is a mess that needs to be fixed and that there is a self confidence problem in the country, “Now that we know it’s mostly South Africans who died in the past two weeks violence … it’s almost like it’s okay. We have a disgusting problem with our own self confidence and with violence. What a mess.”

It would be interesting to get the official stats of the people killed during the violence so as to ascertain exactly what’s going on.

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