Winter’s Here! 5 Things We Learned From Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1

Game of Thrones

So after almost 2 years! (season 7 aired on August 27, 2017) HBO’s smash hit, Game of Thrones came back unto the silver screen.

How was it? I think it was great, but what were the major points to pick up on, here are 5

The Daenerys/Sansa Dynamic Will be Fun to Watch

Sansa Stark hasn’t always been everyone’s favourite character on the show, but this first episode, she showed a whole lot of mettle standing on the ramparts of Winterfell watching Daenerys and Jon Snow return (practically the first scene of the episode). Her carriage has changed since she became the lady of Winterfell. It was evident immediately that she wasn’t a great fan of Daenerys and she was quick to point out that she did not have enough provisions for the people of the North, Dothraki and an army of Unsullied…talk less of the dragons. And Daenerys has always been a formidable (if sometimes annoying) character, it would be interesting to see how the dynamic between the two leading women develops as the season goes on.

Euron Greyjoy is Probably the Cockiest Man Alive

You know how Kanye West can come across as the cockiest man alive? Well, he certainly hasn’t met Euron Greyjoy. The leader of the Ironborn made his first appearance this season leading the Golden Company (the legendary sell swords that Cersei plans to use to win control over the Seven Kingdoms) to King’s Landing.

He presented them to a slightly disappointed Cersei Lannister (they didn’t bring Elephants) and once that business was concluded, he asked for his payment (Cersei had promised to…err…you know…do the devil’s tango with him). Cersei reminded him that the deal was after the war and he pointed out that war lasts years. She had a pretty good comeback ‘If you want a whore, buy one. If you want a Queen, earn her’ (Oh Snap!). You’d think that would get him down, but bro persisted and you know what…he got what he wanted even asking how he compared to Robert and Jaime ( he seemed confident that he’d done a better job) and even claiming he’d put a prince in Cersei’s belly


Daenerys Really Likes Jon

Jon and Daenerys are a cute couple (even thought they’re…coughs…) Their chemistry is pretty decent although their scene together was one of the lowlights of the episode. Dany was complaining about how Sansa doesn’t like her when the Dothraki return to report that the dragons aren’t eating properly, so Dany and Jon go check on them and they ride them to a remote location. The ride itself offered some stunning cinematography, but some of the lines were painful to watch. Like, Jon rode a dragon, a scaly, unbridled dragon, a dragon who pitched and rose with worrying regularity, he gets down and the first thing he says is ‘You’ve ruined horses for me’…Nah! That was an uncomfortable ride and a line like that was dishonest and cliche. The part where they made out and Jon kept his eyes open to stare at the disapproving dragons was fun though.

The scene did establish that the ‘Khaleesi’ really does like Jon Snow. We’ve seen her develop Stockholm syndrome with Khal Drogo, tangle unevenly with Daario Naharis (It was clear that he liked her more than she did him) and finally we see her fall for someone of somewhat equal footing even though it’s quite likely that it won’t last.


Arya Might Have a Thing for Gendry

Remember Gendry Baratheon? Well nowadays he’s the head blacksmith for Daenerys and her army. He was in the forges in this episode, fashioning the Dragon Glass into weapons. He made an axe for the Hound before Arya showed up. The banter between the two was fun to watch and some of the lingering looks between the two gave the impression that there might be something more there. Arya is probably my favorite character by the way, and her face being the first recognizable one i saw in the episode was extremely pleasing to me. Her scene with the Hound fell a bit flat, but otherwise, she was a joy to watch on the screen and i can’t wait to see what weapon Gendry makes for her.


Bran Makes Everyone Uncomfortable

And i think that’s awesome! Bran Stark is now the three-eyed raven and his very unhuman behavior has made him a bit difficult to deal with. In this episode he was in tow to receive Daenerys and Jon Snow and after he explained the situation with the wall (having not seen any of it with the others) the look of utter shock Daenerys gives him was immensely satisfying. He also had what were my favourite lines in the episode. He’s outside on the grounds when Sam Tarly comes to meet him and asks him what he’s doing there and he goes ‘Waiting for an old friend’. I had no idea what he meant till the last scene of the episode when Jaime Lannister rode into town and then sees Bran sitting there waiting for him. Recall that in the very first episode of Game of Thrones, Jaime pushed Bran out a window after the young boy caught him having sex with his sister, Cersei. I can’t wait for episode 2!!!

A few other things happened in the episode, like Theon rescuing Yara from his uncle Euron. Cersei paying Bronn to murder Jaime and Tyrion. Ser Davos proposing to Tyrion and Varys that Jon and Daenerys marry one another. Tormund Giantsbane and co finding the dead body of Lord Umber and finding out that the Night King is headed to Winterfell.

If Twitter is anything to go by, people had a positive response to the premiere and that bodes well for the rest of the series.


Just in case you want a recap of what went on before, you can find out what episodes to watch to bring you up to speed here

We can’t wait for episode 2! How did you like the Premiere? What was your favorite scene? You can sound off in the comments below.

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