Why Krest Has Gained Popularity Amidst Busola Dakolo Scandal


If you’ve checked your timeline lately, you might have seen a tweet or two about Krest bitter lemon and it is quite understandable if you were surprised by it.

Krest was a subsidiary of Coca-Cola which came into Nigeria in the late 90s, it was popular for a while as an alternative to Schweppes bitter lemon, but its popularity was short lived and by the mid 2000s, people barely heard of them anymore.

They have enjoyed something of a resurgence since yesterday following the story of Busola Dakolo and Biodun Fatoyinbo.

In her testimony against the pastor, she claimed that after raping her, he made her drink Krest.

This might have seemed like an offhand comment, but it was quite important as research shows that Krest might have the ability to kill sperm cells.

According to a research which investigated the effects of increase in temperature and in pH of Coca-Cola, Afri-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Krest bitter lemon drinks (“soft drinks”) produced in Nigeria, it was found that, ‘i) alkalinity decreases the spermicidal action of all drinks except Coca-Cola, and ii) Krest bitter lemon may achieve very high efficacy if used as post-coital douche, especially in the impoverished, densely populated Third World’

Many Nigerians pointed this out, including sososoberekon on Instagram who said: “She was given this to avoid getting pregnant. Bitter lemon drinks kills sperm. That pastor has been useless from day 1”


Other Nigerians have also taken to Twitter to talk about Krest and the reasons why Busola Dakolo was allegedly given the drink to ingest.

There have been humorous posts also as Nigerians are wont to do.

In all this, Pastor Fatoyinbo has maintained that he is not guilty and will be seeking legal redress to get to the truth. Some prominent Nigerians, including Banky W and Joe Abbah have said that they are ready to put in their personal funds to help defend Busola Dakolo.

The latter in particular took to his Twitter to say: “I have seen Biodun Fatoyinbo’s statement. I look forward to him carrying out his threat to sue Busola Dakolo. As Mrs Dakolo doesn’t have a church that can fund her defence, I have set aside a little money to contribute to her defence. Please do so too.

You can check out the tweets regarding Krest below



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