Why I Started Drinking Water And Tips To Help You Up Your Water Drinking Game!

“You are so courageous”
“You are so dedicated”
“You are glowing”
“You are healthy”
“You are powerful”
“You are the most focused”
“You are on top of your game”

? Me when I manage to drink two 75cl bottles of water at room temperature at a go. Lol

Like some people, I didn’t like drinking water because it tasted bitter, made me feel nauseous or made me feel lightheaded back then (I still don’t know why but I hope I’m not alone) my parents literally threatened to spank a whole me whenever I finished eating and decided to skip drinking water while my sisters literally made nasty jokes about me and what would happen to me if I didn’t drink enough water. Well that’s a thing of the past now because I had a major health scare that prompted my constant consumption of water and it’s been great so far, asides my face(I’m stressed) my skin is popping, my hair is growing and I get to breathe through my nose now (although it’s not consistent because cold, dust and others)

Long story short, I picked up the mantle of drinking at least eight glasses of water fully in January 2018 and I must confess that I love how I’ve improved greatly. There are a few steps I took to help me on this journey and I’ll share them below, I hope they inspire someone to drink water diligently.

1. SET A REMINDER/ALARM: I set lots of reminders on my alarm app to drink water every two hours and even though I don’t meet every target I set, I try to meet most of them and it’s been great so far because I get to wake up to drink water.

2. EAT FOODS/FRUITS RICH IN WATER: It’s a ritual to eat fruits every night in my house so I decided to create a morning ritual to have an apple, a slice or two of watermelon, four or five slices of pineapple, an orange or a cucumber depending on what I have every morning, you could also have strawberries if you like how they taste and can afford them. Also infuse vegetables into your diet too.

3. CHOOSE MINERAL WATER OVER SODAS: I take mineral water in place of good ole water whenever I want to spice things up a bit and it’s been helpful too but please do well to take it in moderation.

4. GET A PURPOSE PARTNER: My mom and sisters are my purpose partners, no matter how “tired” or “reluctant” I am, they always ensure that I drink water when it’s time for me to drink water. Get a purpose partner or partners that will push you to achieve your goals of drinking water daily, It would do you a lot of good.

5. REFILL AND ADD FLAVOR TO YOUR BOTTLE OF WATER: Try slicing up cucumbers, lemon, grape or any fruit of your choice to spice things up if you want to.You are more likely to drink up when your water bottle is filled, when it’s empty, you literally get discouraged to drink any water because you might be bothered about the process of getting it.

6. ENSURE THAT YOU KEEP A BOTTLE OF WATER EVERYWHERE: Try to keep a bottle of water in your room, your car, your kitchen, your study corner, your bag, just anywhere that’s your space, that way you won’t find it tasking to move to a different place for water. This method helped me because as soon as my midnight alarms ring, I don’t have to go to the dining room to get water, I just stretch my hand and grab a bottle of water from my bed and drink up!

7. DRINK WATER AFTER YOU TAKE A LEAK IN THE LOO: It’s good to drink water as soon as you finish using the toilet, that way you get to replenish your body without waiting for your next meal before doing it.

I hope you’ve learnt a thing a two and you’re willing to put them to good use.

Cheers to drinking water and staying healthy!

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