Why I Didn’t Walk At Lagos Fashion Week – Leo Da Silva

Leo Dasilva

Former Big Brother housemate, Leo Dasilva has revealed why he was not on the runway for the Lagos Fashion Week.

According to the reality star, it seems they proposed a compensation package that was basically ‘we’ll give you exposure’

Housemates like Mike and Ike were on the runway strutting their stuff.

Leo Dasilva revealed the Lagos Fashion week debacle in a Twitter exchange with a follower who asked why he wasn’t on the runway.

Leo had posted a photo of himself looking as stylish as always and he captioned it ‘Monday Drip’, this was what led to the question. One of the followers said: “Boss why u no work @ Lagos fashion week.”

“They wanted to pay me with exposure. Fine with how exposed I am already” Leo answered the follower who asked.

The comments after that were all pretty humorous with many Nigerians wondering how the organizers could have deemed ‘exposure’ a worthwhile offer.

One of his followers lamented: “When dealing with people in showbiz, this is their motto “work for exposure not money” it’s a criminal way of getting labourers to work without payment and these labourers would in turn be great full for being judiciously used and not paid. Modern day slavery.”

However, some people disputed this claim with one user writing: “Na who no get money take make better ogbono soup go say ogbono soup they stain cloth… So those that walk on runway were not paid ba??? If you have the ingredients of a good model they will peak you by force even if your fee is high”

We might never really know why Leo Dasilva didn’t walk the runway, but i believe we can all agree for the most part that ‘exposure’ in more cases than not is not a great compensation package.

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