Who Is Fewa Otedola? Meet The Only Son of Billionaire Femi Otedola

Fewa Otedola

Many might not know who Fewa Otedola is. Much like Rob Kardashian, the teenager has been overshadowed in terms of popularity by his sisters.

DJ Cuppy, Olawumi and Temi Otedola are his sisters and they are all children of Billionaire entrepreneur Femi Otedola.

The family is usually private when it comes to matters of Fewa Otedola and not much is known about him.

Below are some of the facts known about Fewa Otedola

He is 19-years-old

We do know his birthday is on the 2nd of June and that he is 19 years old now. When he turned 19, his father, posted about it on Instagram and celebrated him with a post with the caption: “Happy Birthday to my boy Fewa ❤️ Papa loves you! ..F.Ote💲”


He is Autistic

In a blogpost on her website, Temi Otedola took the time to explain her brother’s autism. She wrote about this in 2017 on World Autism day. She had written then: “Essentially, autism is a social development disorder which affects the cognitive, communicative and interactive ability of the brain. People with autism struggle with heightened sensory stimulation and need a lot of attention and support from their parents, teachers and siblings to ensure they can lead the most productive and happy life possible. Raising awareness is not the main goal at this point–understanding is, and even more important–acceptance. So this Autism Awareness Day I ask for all of you, to appreciate, love on, or simply accept those living with autism.

“In 2004, my mum called my sisters and me into her bedroom. With the composure only a mother can have, she told us that our baby brother, Fewa, had ‘special needs’. While my sisters asked questions, all I could do was think about what this would mean for me, the already overindulged, youngest of three girls.”

He is Pretty Tight With His Sisters

It is clear to anyone who observes the Otedola family that they are a tight knit bunch. The condition that Fewa finds himself also means that the family need to take extra care with him and from Temi’s post and the photos of the family together, you can see that they really love their youngest brother. In that same blog post, Temi pointed out that as the years have passed, they have become friends: “Every day, I see him becoming more independent. Our relationship is becoming less one-sided; I can truly say that we are friends. Fewa doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy. He is the most genuine and caring person I know.” she said


He doesn’t have much of a Social media presence

While it seems that Fewa Otedola possesses an Instagram account, it has only 9 photos and the last update was over a year ago. He doesn’t seem to have a twitter account either and most of his activities aren’t made public. And you can’t blame him, with the abuse his sisters get sometimes, it’s scary to think how some nastier sections of Nigerian social media would take on him if they found him accessible on the internet.

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