Which Of The Characters Are You? Maraji Releases New Airplane Skit


Comedienne, Gloria Oloruntobi, otherwise known as Maraji, released a new skit in which she poked fun at different types of Airline passengers.

Most people will be familiar with the common tropes that were on display.

The video which was on YouTube currently have over 80,000 and it has Maraji displaying her usual brand of comedy which usually has her pulling off her best impression of Eddie Murphy (you know, playing every character in her skits)

Maraji like Eddie Murphy

She showcased the Obedient ones, those who listen to all the instructions of the flight crew and follows it to the letter. She also showcased the rebels– those who keep their phones on even after being told to turn it off– yes, i’m staring at you suspiciously, you know that’s you.

Maraji also poked fun at the other types of characters. I think the one that amused me the most was the business man, I think we’ve all met that kind of character, the ones who spark up an unnecessary conversation and then act like they’ve been all around the globe and at the end it’s just a way to try and network.

And of course there was the elderly person– the one that complains about the water being too cold, or the food being too hard, or the chair not being comfortable enough to sleep.


Maraji has made a name for herself by creating skits such as these are funny and easy to follow.

But I think the secret to her raging success at the moment is the relatability of her characters. She talks about situations which are incredibly familiar to us and which we therefore find really funny as we can imaging ourselves in those situations or at least remember how it felt when we were in such situations.

So, which of the Maraji characters are you? I’m certainly the rebel, I hate that I can’t listen to music on the plane all in the name of ‘Phones off’


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