Where’s Regina Daniels? Nigerians React As Ned Nwoko Cruises With Moroccan Wife

Regina Daniels

The Regina Daniels/Ned Nwoko relationship has been a fascinating one to watch. The two have enraptured and irritated Nigerians to no end since their debut.

Some have found the relationship beautiful and empowering while others have found it predatory and exploitative.

What can’t be denied however, is that it’s a polygamous marriage meaning Ned Nwoko has other wives and this is what has become the bone of contention recently.

A video surfaced of the billionaire cruising around town with one of his wives, a Moroccan woman simply known as ‘Leila.’ The video itself was short, but the response it has garnered is pretty long.

People of course immediately raised alarm that Regina Daniels was not the woman sitting beside Ned and many have come out to mock the actress.

Comments like ‘Na turn by turn’ and ‘Regina can’t have him all’ have littered the internet.


It is believed that Regina Daniels knows exactly what she signed up for when she married the billionaire as it has been widely reported that she is the 6th wife.

Many were also floored by the appearance of Leila and people commented about the quality of woman that Ned Nwoko seems to favour. There were some intrigued by the idea that a ‘oyinbo’ lady was fine with the concept of polygamy and some mused that their lives were probably stressless.

Whatever the case is, it’s a pretty big reaction for a 10 second video.

Regina hasn’t spoken about the video nor is she likely to as it is expected that she is completely fine with this.

You can check out some of the amusing comments posted under the video.

Regina Daniels Ned Nwoko Ride Regina Daniels Ned Nwoko Ride Regina Daniels Ned Nwoko Ride



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