Where In History Are We Going To Find Your Name? RMD Fires Back At Critics

Veteran Nigerian actor, Richard Mofe Damijo also known as RMD is unarguably one of the most outspoken celebrities in the entertainment scene; the legendary actor is always ready to share his opinion on any subject whenever he deems fit.

In the wake of 4-year-old Khloe’s rape news, RMD and some other notable Nigerians began a campaign that will ensure justice is served right. As a matter of fact, the veteran actor penned an open letter to the Federal Capital Territory’s Commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma, under whose watch Khloe’s abuser was released and let off police’s hook.

However, as its common knowledge that humans always crave for more no matter the condition or person involved, RMD recently engaged in a banter with a follower who accused him of not speaking up against the suspended RUGA settlement but was rather leading a campaign for 4-year-old Khloe.

The follower simply identified as @john_david_uchechi criticised RMD for leading a campaign on a societal ill which wasn’t in his interest. He wrote;

@mofedamijo how many times did you write about RUGA abi is not your business? Killings in Nigeria is not your business?

Have I seen you write about it. RMD i like you but pls don’t make me hate you for this write up.

As buhari is yet to appoint ministers and nobody is writing about it . The Senator said he is sorry.

Let buhari come out and apologize for the killing of Nigerians let’s see. Buhari want to $11B for RUGA but the federal roads are bad.

Economy is rubbish people travelling outside the country everyday.

RMD who fired back at his critic stated that he does not have to write or speak about everything. The actor also wondered where his young critic has been when other young people are leading protests, convening sensible movements and creating value. He wrote in response;

@john_david_uchechi I honestly do NOT care if you hate me or not but before speaking unintelligently do your research.

If you had been sensible enough to go through my posts, you’d have seen that the post before this one is about RUGA but why waste my breath on someone who obviously has no capability to intelligently look before speaking!

@john_david_uchechi…and PS: I do not have to write or speak about everything. You, what have you done?

What protests have you led? What impact have you made/are you making?

Are you aware of how many young people are leading protests, convening sensible movements and creating value?

Where in history are we going to find your name? #ThinkOnIt


To be honest, we all need to do more before criticising or judging anyone; a little research about credible facts can go a long way before airing opinions and just like the popular saying, it is advisable to LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.

However, it’s RMD’s 58th birthday today and we wish the veteran a long and healthy life.

What are your thoughts on RMD’s clap back? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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