What Can We Expect From Bobrisky’s New Movie ‘Bobrisky In Love’?


It’s not a joke. Love him (her?) or hate him (her?), Idris Okuneye otherwise known as Bobrisky is here to stay and with a new movie out, is on the next phase of world domination.

The internet personality who divides opinion is set to headline his first film which is being called Bobrisky in love.

We don’t have a trailer or synopsis for the movie yet, but it’s safe to say that the movie is going to be a romance movie.

The movie is directed by Ken Steve Anuka and is going to star Anita Joseph and Queen Nwokoye.

Bobrisky had already made his Nollywood debut in the 2017 Yoruba movie, Ojuloge obirin where he played a crossdresser whose mother is unable to have a daughter and instead dresses her son in feminine clothing. Bobrisky’s character continues the crossdressing until he is almost killed by cultists who were searching for female victims.

Anita Joseph who stars alongside the cross dresser seems pretty excited about the project sharing shots from the set and captioning it:”Pick your pick @bobrisky222 ❣️. We picked same hair and same eyeshadow Without knowing ??‍♀️, @pricelesshairs we feel pinky baby?. Swipe Godi iga a like ya??‍♀️”


What can we expect from the story though? The title says it’s called Bobrisky in love, but what will it be about?

The crossdresser looks more and more like a woman everyday but has so far not come out to say he’s had a sex change, neither has he come out to declare that  he’s gay. This has caused confusion? So what will such a movie tackle? It could look into relationships of transgender individuals, a topic that has rarely (if ever) been spoken about and have Bobrisky as the titular character and follow how he lives life as a woman after being a man all his life.

It could also tackle homosexuality, another topic almost considered taboo by Nollywood filmmakers. It’ll be interesting to see how the movie progresses, but you can be sure we have our eyes firmly on this one.

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