Wendy Williams Hits Husband With 48-Hour Ultimatum to Move out of Their Home

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams really wants rid of her husband as soon as possible as she’s been reported to have asked him to leave their home within 48 hours.

Her soon to be ex-Husband, Kevin Hunter, 46, was served with divorce papers last week after Wendy Williams got tired of the cheating and decided to end things.

The two were married for 21 years, but the talk show host decided to end things especially in light of reports that Hunter had a mistress with whom he now allegedly has a son with.

According to Hollywoodlife.com, a source close to Wendy Williams confirmed the ultimatum, saying: “It seems to Wendy that Kevin has already moved on with his new family, and this month has been challenging and heartbreaking for Wendy,

“She did indeed give him 48 hours to move out of their house, but she feels that he has been checked out for a long time.”

The source also claimed that Wendy is directing all her ire towards Hunter, doing her best to keep the mistress, Sharina Hudson, out of it “Wendy would never confront Kevin’s other woman, that hasn’t happened and it is not going to happen,” continued the report.

Wendy confronting Kevin on his infidelity took all of her strength and courage. She has been crying a lot over the split but is coming away from the entire relationship a stronger, more independent woman that she feels her fans will be proud of. She is determined to prevail and not let Kevin break her.”

Hunter who was also a producer on the Wendy Williams show, seems to also be out of a job as reports indicate that the talk show host wants him gone from every aspect from her life, professional or personal.

“Wendy does not want to keep working with Kevin and no one on her show does either,” said a source as reported by Hollywoodlife.com, “While he has not been fired yet, Wendy and her team are working on getting him out ASAP and hope for Kevin to be gone in a few days. They are trying to figure out how to get rid of him right now.”

The couple have a son together, Kevin Jnr so it will be really difficult for Kevin Hunter Snr to be gone permanently gone from Wendy’s life. We will keep following the story as things unfolds.

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