We Know How Beyonce Looks and It’s Certainly Not This

Beyonce statue

Beyonce was honored with a 9ft bust statue at the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin, Germany and many fans are outraged by the finished product.

Making statues look like the person they’re based on can be quite difficult, just ask Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo

And it seemed that whoever created the Beyonce statue also struggled with it as many are of the opinion that the statue and Beyonce look nothing alike.

The statue was made in the image of her homecoming cover and while the pose is just right, you can fully understand the displeasure of some of the people who viewed the statue and where left unimpressed.

Read some of the reactions below

“I’m just confused because that statue does not look like Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter” said one

“That statue that they modeled after Beyoncé in Berlin looks like Kim Kardashian. Y’all really need to start using more reference pictures.” said another

“First of all I understand their urge to pay hommage !!! Second of all, that statue is not Beyoncé Third of all, they should start over!” said another outraged fan.

There was also a recurring theme in the comments with people comparing the image to other celebrities other than the Grammy Award winner with some saying it looked like Keri Hilson, another saying it looked like Blac Chyna and yet another saying it looked like Kim Kardashian.

Beyonce statue

Beyonce statue

It wasn’t all bashing as some people argued that the difficulty in creating a work of art meant that more props should be given to the creator of the image.

“That’s statue looks just like Beyoncé. Non-Artists should really stfu when it comes to critiquing art.” said a Twitter user defending the statue.

It seems people on both sides have valid arguments, but what do you think? Does the statue capture the Queen Bee perfectly, or is it something to be tossed in the trash?

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