Watch The Educating South African Documentary, ‘Womanhood’

Have you seen the stunning new South African documentary short film “Womanhood” ?

It is a well-shot documentary film that tells the story of women who are from different backgrounds and they all spoke on Body, Pain, Freedom, motherhood and the Future.

This South African short film Documentary is a collaboration between the South African Insurer, 1st For Women and the digital media platform, Vice.

It has an array of different opinions from the women in the film which begins with some describing what freedom meant to them and each saw it differently. Some want to be able to walk freely and wear whatever they liked without being raped, some spoke on freedom of expression, another spoke on having the freedom to choose how their time is spent also for the streets to be safe enough to walk without fear.

Another scene showed a 32-year-old lady who is bothered about her parents thinking that they have failed because she is not yet married with children at that age and they completely neglected the fact that she holds three degrees.

Another lady narrated what had happened to her at a young age, she said she was ganged raped. She added that female children are being taught to be safe, yet, no one tells the male children not to rape.”

In the documentary, women were allowed to use their voice to talk about what has affected them in different ways and tell their own story. The list goes on and all stories told in this documentary “Womanhood”, are all original stories.

Watch the documentary here


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