Watch Burna Boy Burn It Up On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Burna Boy is absolutely killing it at the moment with a feature in Beyonce’s new Lion King album and a new album to boot, cheekily called ‘African Giant’

The Nigerian singer was also featured as the artiste of the day on Jimmy Kimmel Live! A feat which is very notable.

You can watch his performance below


Burna Boy performed ‘Anybody’ and the song was well received by the crowd and there were people in the comments who said that the music had some Fela vibes to it.

Along with Burna Boy, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie had been on hand to discuss their new movie, ‘Once Upon a time In Hollywood’ which is the latest Quentin Tarantino movie out now.

Burna Boy has really taken the mantle as the next great thing to come from Afro Beat and his new African Giant album just hammers home that point.

He spoke about the album and its influences with Billboard and revealed that the album is his most personal yet as it also takes on many issues that take place in Nigeria, contemporary issues that are relevant to the Nigerian youth.

He is loved by Nigerians who are proud of his achievements and how he has so far repped the country outside.

He explained in the interview why he felt this was, “Nigerians love me a lot more now because they can see that the whole world likes me, too. They think I’m something special, but I’m not. I’m just a human whose skill is making music. Way I see it, everyone plays their own role in the world, and no role is more important than the other.”

And while Burna Boy is a wealthy man, he maintains that one is only as wealthy as the place he comes from “You are only as rich as where you come from, and Nigeria has a lot of poverty.”

African Giant will be out on the 26th of July

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