Was Mercy Really Signed By Moet & Hennessy?

Mercy BBN

The winner of the latest edition of Big Brother Nigeria, Mercy, has the record of being the first woman to ever win the competition.

With this came a number of business opportunities, the biggest allegedly being the one with alcoholic giants Moet and Hennessy.

Following the announcement, there was a lot of praise for Mercy with people congratulating her.

However, there are now reports that this endorsement might be false.

When the news of the endorsement first hit, Paola Audrey, a music executive, reported it on Twitter, but also noted that the appointment of Mercy as an ambassador was weird as she did not fit the profile of person they usually work with.

Her tweet, which was in French, can loosely be read as: “So Moet & Hennessy Africa has signed the winner of a reality show as ambassador … I’m waiting to know the brand of the group she will represent but it’s still a weird association … but finally, the Nigerian market has its own rules 🙃 .”

This tweet was met with a lot of backlash, as many people saw this as hate against Mercy and they accused Paola of being jealous.

In a follow up Tweet, Paola stated that she had information that pointed to something fishy going on. She said: “Little Update on this story: someone from Moët Hennessy reached out to me to tell me Mercy has NOT been signed as an ambassador or influencer. I have a hard time believing she would publicly lie on this but as i said, she doesn’t fit the M.H. guidelines so something is fishy..”


She added later: “Specifically, i am being told Mercy and Cubana Chiefpriest went to visit the Moët Hennessy team but it was never question of her becoming an influencer for the brand (this comes from someone at Moët Hennessy in Lagos).”

Mercy is yet to comment on these allegations, but we will surely hear something soon.

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