Was Gideon Okeke right to have condemned Marc Jacob’s gay marriage?

You know what they say about minding your business right? It is either a look and waka pass (Nigerian slang for walk away) situation or drink water and mind your business situation. Either way, it’s best to always focus on the task ahead and mind your business in order to avoid stories that touch.

Well, for screen god, Gideon Okeke, the reverse is the case. The actor recently gave his two cents on the marriage between Marc Jacobs – a famous fashion designer – and his beau, Charly Defrancesco in a private ceremony in Rye, New York.

According to Gideon in an Instagram post, he berated homosexuality and condemned the union between Marc and his beau with a Bible quote.

Trust Nigerians, they will give it you as e dey hot…

Reacting to the post, Nigerians chastised the actor for being homophobic. A large number of the reactions blatantly asked the actor if he acts what he preaches given that he even accompanied the picture post of Marc Jacobs and his beau with a verse in the Bible. In fact, a LGBT advocate on Twitter known as Olumide Makanjuola shaded the actor and washed down his remark. Olumide also threw accusations at the Nigerian celebrity; he claimed that Gideon had tried to get a gay role through one of the major PR directors in Nigeria. Given the fact that he had supposedly wanted to act a gay man, Olumide found it funny that he was condemning the act.

Now, given all the circumstances surrounding the actor’s remark, the questions on the lips of many is; if the actor is so turned off by homosexuality, why post it on his page? Why not look away? Did he make the right move condenming Marc’s marriage?

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