Waje Teases New Venture In New Vlog…Is she Back?


Waje set the internet ablaze when a video surfaced in which she insinuated that she might be leaving the industry for good.

She hasn’t left, at least it doesn’t look that way and the new vlog on her YouTube channel gives the impression that leaving was never really the plan.

When you consider the whole drama featuring Demmy Vee and Kizz Daniel and how it turned out to be just publicity for a new single, it’s hard not to look at this vlog with a little bit of skepticism.

Kizz Daniels

In the vlog, Waje spoke on how she felt she needed to recharge and be one with nature, she expressed disappointment at being unable to travel, however, she had a very handy substitute, visiting the Lufasi park in Lekki which like the Lekki Conservation Center, is a nature park where visitors can get that soothing feel of the beauty of the earth.

The vlog chronicled her meeting with the park attendants, the animals that she met there and her talk about Climate change and a few things she’d love to do about it.

It was a nice vlog and just when you wondered if that was all they were going to talk about and show, the major reason for the vlog came up.

Somewhere in the middle of the vlog, Waje and her team sat down to discuss what they want to do next as regards her career and the idea of an intimate concert came up. The idea, in it’s most simplistic form, is a concert that holds about 200 fans all of whom are Waje fans who want an intimate time with the singer and foster a closer relationship between her and the fans.

This seems to have been brought about by the relative quietness around Waje’s latest album, Red Velvet, which came out in December 2018.

At the end of the vlog, she asked fans what they think of the idea of an intimate concert. If the comments are anything to go by, people LOVE the idea.

So, hoax or not, publicity stunt or existential crisis, Waje’s fans stan…and so do we.


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