Waje spills more tea about her career, says she is struggling vocally


Waje has had a difficult time lately, adding to fans’ worries by coming out to admit that she is struggling vocally and she doesn’t know if it’s medical or mental.

The singer took to Instagram where she said: “”I’m struggling vocally, Been struggling for a while.
Don’t know if it’s mental or medical but It doesn’t change his plans for me. ?”


Recall that the singer released a video last month in which she questioned whether she should continue in music

That caused a ripple online with many fans checking in on her to see what’s wrong and many supporting her to keep going.

Industry colleague and good friend Omawunmi had responded to this stating that she had to keep going: ”My Dear Friend turned Sister, the conversation we had concerning this recent video, we had it in private. But I want to use this medium to tell you. I can relate 100%. I am thankful for your love and support and being the strong woman that you are. I know you cant quit nothing! And leave me alone in this industry? Mbanu” she said

Waje had followed this up with a YouTube video in which she visited Lufasi park and tried to get some much needed alone time to spend with nature and relate to other people.

While there, she had talked about an idea to have an intimate concert for fans and whether that would be a good idea with traction for her latest album ‘Red Velvet’ at a bit of a low.

The reception to that had been positive with fans stating in the comments section that they would be quite interested in a concert.

It is hoped that she is able to find a way out in this difficult period and she can go back to what she’s best at– releasing great music.

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