Viemens Bamfo: Meet 12-Year-Old Genius Admitted Into University

Viemens Bamfo

At 12, most of us were in secondary school with our biggest worries how to submit our assignments and not get flogged, not Viemens Bamfo.

The 12-year-old is a genius and has made international news after gaining admission into the University of Ghana.

Both Viemens and his elder brother were homeschooled by their father, Rober Bamfo as they didn’t have the money to pay for traditional school.

The father explained that he had no idea that his young son would turn out like this and he talked about how he went about teaching the two boys.

“We used the Cambridge syllabus and the WASSCE syllabus so I understood some basic things about [them]…What I teach first is dictionary skills so that the child is able to pronounce every word correctly. We do the phonetic skills and once that is done I teach Latin…for the sciences I do not give notes.” he said.

The young genius then took the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and passed with flying colours.

Viemens Bamfo is now going to study Public Administration in the university and he has ambitions to become president of the country by the time he turns 40.

“I want to become the President of Ghana, I want to lift high the flag of Ghana and make Ghana a truly independent country like China, the US, Britain and other countries.” he said.

The reaction to the news has been overwhelming with many expressing surprise at the feat while also stating how impressive an achievement it is.

There’s a long time between 12 and 40 and it is hoped that the boy genius continues on this upward trajectory he has so far set for himself.

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