Video: Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin Feud Heats

Toyin Abraham and Lizzy Anjorin

The fight between Lizzy Anjorin and Toyin Abraham has gone on to the next level after a new video came out with the former abusing the latter.

The two of them have been going back and forth after Lizzy Anjorin accused Toyin Abraham of mobilizing her fans against her and trying to accuse her of drug trafficking.

For how the whole thing started, click here.

Following the initial back and forth, Toyin Abraham posted on Instagram, a photo of a letter from her lawyers to Anjorin warning the actress to stop defaming Toyin Abraham.

She captioned the post: “Silence is not golden. Rather than wrestle with a pig, it might be ideal to let the pig know that it belongs in the pen. No longer speaking on this, my management team and attorneys are taking this up.”

Toyin Abraham Toyin Abraham

In the wake of this letter, Lizzy Anjorin released a video of her own in which she curses out Toyin Abraham but also asks why the actress would try and hurt her so much. She also claimed that the actress has been lying to her followers about having a house and car as she owns neither of these things.

She went even deeper stating that Abraham is a bastard and even alleged that the actress’ late father, Pastor B.E. Aimakhu denied her before he died. She added that the actress’ newborn wasn’t had in London as she initially claims. She also claims that she would keep making videos as long as Toyin Abraham keeps coming for her.

On her personal Instagram page, Lizzy Anjorin has been rather lighthearted calling on her fans to buy wares from her so as to be able to pay for her legal fees.

You can check out the explosive video below.


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