{Video} Nollywood Actress, Sonia Ogiri Accuses Mercy Johnson Of Being Mean To Her On Set

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri in an emotional post, called out Mercy Johnson for the alleged wrong done to her at the early stage of her acting career.

According to the actress, baring it all out about Mercy Johnson is part of her healing process and she really wants to get it off her chest.

She shared her sad experience with the actress whenever they were both on set together because she feels Mercy hated her for no reason when all she needed was simply to feed her son after the sister to her son’s father hurt her.

In her claims, she made mention of how the actress, Mercy Johnson and her friends would make fun of her for a period of 15mins and no one, not even the producers could do anything about it and she, Mercy told the producers not to pair the both of them in any movie.

In an Instagram post where the drama started, Sonia captioned it;

Hey, sis @Mercyjohnson I think its time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all these years in order for my healing process to take place”

In the 10mins video by the actress, she kept asking Mercy Johnson I hope motherhood has changed you and you now understand when a mother wants to make her kids proud of her tomorrow”.

She added that she had to revisit the issue because she really needed to get it off her chest and she has held it in all these years and it made her feel like she was imprisoned and it is time to set herself free.

While all this was on-going, another Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie stood with Sonia in her claims and also alleged that same was done to her and even worse by the same actress, Mercy Johnson.

In another Instagram post by Sonia, she addressed fans that accused her of being jealous of Mercy and found her accusation not pleasant!

Watch the video(Sonia VS Mercy)


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