Veteran Filmmaker Fidelis Duker Wants Bobrisky Arrested

Fidelis Duker

Veteran filmmaker Fidelis Duker has taken to his social media to express his disgust for Internet personality and crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, AKA Bobrisky.

He took to his Facebook page where he shared a photo of Bobrisky and captioned it:  ‘when would this Boy/Man be arrested? This is getting more irritating’.

Fidelis Duker-Bobrisky

Fidelis Duker has been in the movie business for a long time and has written, produced or directed over 80 different motion picture content in the span of 25 years.

Some of his movies include Not My WillScandalsBlood BrothersPure LoveLondon Blues, SenselessNemesisGirls Next DoorImages, Eldorado, Hot Passion, Doctor Death

According to the Aesthetica Short Film Festival’s website, they state that he is a Former President of the Directors Guild of Nigeria and currently the Regional Secretary General of the Federation of Pan African Filmmakers (FEPACI).

In an Interview with the Punch conducted earlier this year, Fidelis Duker spoke of the need for Nigerians to stand together and that the issue of segregation in the movie industry is a real one.

“Some people say that the ethnic nationalities are more important than the Nigerian state. Someone would say, “I am first a Yoruba man before I am Nigerian”. We need to begin to see ourselves as one Nigeria. It is that phenomenon that has moved into the Nigerian movie industry today. That is why you have an industry called ‘Kannywood’ in the North; ‘Yorowood’ in the South-West and ‘Igbowood’ in Asaba (in Delta State).” he said

He added: “Then we also have Nollywood. I tell people that once you travel out of Nigeria, even if it is to Ghana, nobody knows which tribe you are from; they just see you as an actor from Nigeria. The whole thing started with the first mistake – our ethnic biases and differences – but I am happy that today, a lot of movie producers are beginning to break down that barrier.”



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