Ugandan Pop Star, Bobi Wine To Run Against Yoweri Museveni

Uganda’s pop star turned politician, Bobi Wine has formally announced he will run for president in 2021. The Member of Parliament leading a “people power movement” to end President Yoweri Museveni 33-year-rule also unveiled his campaign team at his home in Kampala on Wednesday, July 24, 2019.

The singer, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, said;

On behalf of the people of Uganda, I am challenging you (Museveni) to a free and fair election in 2021.

The 36-year-old has emerged as a leading critic of 74-year-old Museveni, striking a chord with young Ugandans with his songs about social justice.

One of Bobi Wine’s songs has the lyric “Freedom fighters become dictators”, while others hint that Museveni, who plans to seek a sixth term as the president, has stayed in power too long.

He has faced repeated arrests while authorities have frustrated his efforts to perform. He was most recently arrested in April for allegedly staging an illegal protest last year but was released from jail after a few days.

He is also facing treason charges after being arrested with 30 other opposition politicians in August last year for allegedly stoning Museveni’s convoy following a campaign rally.

Bobi Wine first came to prominence in 2017 when, as an independent candidate, he won an election to represent a constituency near Kampala. He has since successfully campaigned for other opposition candidates, raising his profile as a national leader and attracting calls urging him to run for president.





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