Ufuoma McDermott celebrates 9th year wedding anniversary

Ufuoma McDermott
Credit- Motherhood.com.ng

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Ufuoma McDermott is celebrating her 9th wedding anniversary with her husband, Steven.

She took to Instagram to gush about the celebration.

She wrote: “Wow!!! Time really flies! It’s been 9 years and two kids since we legally signed that marriage certificate baby. Even though most Nigerians don’t recognize the registry, you must agree that all our 3 weddings are worthy of celebration ???. #HappyAnniversary my darling. Look how much territory we’ve conquered together! I’m looking forward to many more. #HalfBritHalfNaija #TroublesomeBrit #McDermotts #McDermottKingdom”

The pair have been married since 2010 and have 2 children together.

Ufuoma McDermott has in the past talked about just how much her marriage means to her, stating that she was crying when her husband proposed.

“He asked me to meet him in Cape Town, which I did. He proposed while lying down. Tears rolled down my cheeks.” she said in an interview.

She also revealed just how much of a help he’d been so far in her life and career. ” I still give my husband a lot of credit when it comes to supporting me. He is honestly very supportive to what I do.


“It is not because I am his wife, it is just his nature. He supports what you do. Even if I want to change to another profession, he will support me. Yes, life has changed, but it is just for you to know that you are stuck in a particular place forever. I think the difference for me is that when we were just dating, I could easily leave in anger when he offends me, but right now, when he offends me, we better make up.

“You know you are stuck with this person for the rest of your life, so you better make up. Again, I have to take a lot of permission when I want to go to places.We are just two easy-going people who take things very easy.”

The actress burst onto the scene in 2004 as an actress in the movie, ‘The President Must Not Die’

Happy Anniversary to the Mcdermotts from all of us at Nollywoodalive

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