Uche Jombo Hits out At People Calling Them Old Timers

The battle between old and new is not a recent trend and Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo has found herself having to address the newbies who see her and people in her ilk as ‘old cargo’.

The actress took to Instagram to call out this behavior which is upsettingly common especially in the comment sections of most of your favourite celebrities.

It isn’t uncommon for a veteran actress to get hit with comments like ‘You’re old’ or ‘Your time has passed’ by trolls or the like.

The actress in her statement said that becoming a star was an easy task and that the real problem was staying a star and she bemoaned the fact that people find it easy to poke jokes at people who have managed to do it for well over a decade.

She said: “Its amazing how ‘young’ people think saying “you are old / getting old is an insult to entertainers before them Give your stardom 15 to 20 years if YOU are still here, still playing at the top maybe just maybe….. anyone can be a star….staying power though? Once you actually can say I have staying power you will Never think to insult those who walked so you can RUN.

“I personally can’t stand people who lack respect even if they are talented not to talk of those with very little talent.

“Good morning to only those with home training.”

Many in the comments were generally supportive, stating that while people are trying to shame people over their age, that such a tactic will not work.

Some also took the time to declare their love for the actress and her body of work.

It is a bit weird if she’s being hit with the ‘old’ label considering that she isn’t even 40 yet.


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