Ubi Franklin’s Alleged Babymama Comes For Trolls Over Baby Shower Criticism

Sandra Iheuwa baby shower, pregnant with Ubi Franklin

Sandra Iheuwa, the woman said to be the 4th babymama for Music mogul Ubi Franklin has hit back at those criticizing her for throwing a baby shower.

Iheuwa, was recently in the news when she called out Ubi Franklin for what she claimed was money owed to her.

She recently had a baby shower and on her Instagram she thanked those who congratulated her and were with her.

In the comments, she received a lot of backlash from those who felt that having a baby out of wedlock was not something to celebrate with a baby shower, however, she hit back at these people.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she said she would not be shamed for celebrating herself as a woman and that she is comfortable enough to take care of all her kids.

Her post read:

So i see some jobless people that can’t even provide 3 square meals for themselves not to talk of their family calling me shameless for celebrating my baby given to me by God regardless of how the baby came along. Yes, I will be shameless because I am proud of whom I am as a woman who takes care of her kids singlehandedly with no help whatever. My kids school fees is over 2.1 million naira a year for EACH CHILD I pay that with no shaking if you have anything negative to say about the way i chose to celebrate my life and what God has given to me I bet you should book an appointment with me in person and tell me with your mouth that is if you have the guts to approach me in REAL LIFE than hide behind your phones to spew hate and jealously until then i will continue to block all you negative mofos. This is my first child out of wedlock and i will celebrate however I like whether it hurts your soul or not if you think my baby shower was extravagant wait until my baby turns 1 then you will probably kill yourself out of hate and jealousy. I am not the only woman who got pregnant out of wedlock who has celebrated or done baby shower and i dont see any negative remarks or is it because I am an independent woman??? cos most of this hate comes from women and its a damn shame. Y’all want me to hide in shame but i am going to burst your bubbles i have lived in the United States for over 17 yrs my mentality is beyond different from what you are used to…..if the father of my child denied responsibility it is my duty as a capable and able mother to provide for my child and make sure my baby never lacks and besides non of you motherfuckers talking shit feed me or my kids so why do y’all care so much??? Just like one dead blogger called me “Loud and Confident” let me correct you I am OUTSPOKEN AND CONFIDENT I know you aint used to outspoken women. Some of you have committed over 10 abortions with dead children hanging over your heads and y’all are judging women for keeping a baby without being married…..marriage kill you there. Nonsense and ingredient 🙄 🖕


It doesn’t seem Ubi Franklin has really said anything about these rumours of a 4th child which is a little odd seeing as he acknowledged his third child which he is allegedly having with Nicola Siyo.

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