Ubi Franklin Reveals He Almost Killed Himself In 2017

Ubi Franklin

Music mogul, Ubi Franklin has been very open with some of his demons including the fact that he wanted to kill himself in 2017.

The music boss shared a photo on Instagram in which he looked really solemn and in the caption he stated that this was supposed to be his last portrait but that he thanks God that he didn’t go through with it.

“April 23rd 2017 after this photoshoot I wanted this to be the last pictures I will take in my life.

“On this day I was depressed out of my mind and wanted to take my life.
Today I am grateful to God I didn’t.”

“What ever you are going through now I promise you it’s a phase, keep pushing it will pass” he wrote in the post.

Ubi Franklin has also talked about how he didn’t plan to have kids the way he did– with different baby mamas. It seems he’d had a number of regrets in his life but he keeps pushing on.

In a later post, he shared how he has been successful as a manager because he is willing to go the extra mile for a client and even act in other capacities including videographer for the artiste.

He said that the problem is that there are many managers today who consider themselves too big to do certain things for their artistes and that this is what has set him apart from other people doing the same things.

We’re glad Ubi Franklin decided against taking his own life, as suicide and mental illness is a discussion that is still relatively new in Nigeria and every survivor has a chance to shine the light on the issue and maybe help someone else who is on the brink.

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