Two Nigerians, Mr Eazi And Tunji Balogun, Got Featured On The List Of Rolling Stone “Future 25”

Nigerians really do leave a mark where ever they go. This is another win for Africa in general.

The list from Rolling Stone comprises of names of people who are passionate about the business side of music and doing everything within their reach to ensure the future of the industry is secured for the next generation.

A great year it’s been for Mr Eazi as he gets a partnership with YouTube to continue the movement and success of his initiative, emPawa. Sometime in July, he also got a feature in Rolling Stone where he talked about his emPawa Scheme and what it is really about.

Another good news for him as he got listed in Rolling Stone out of 24 others and his good was highlighted. Mr Eazi is a Nigerian artiste and Entrepreneur who is aimed at helping upcoming artists with the requirement need to get their music out there. He described himself as an Uber of African Music.

The amazing part about his emPawa scheme is, regardless of being a Nigerian, the opportunities are not limited to Nigerians alone. Any African artiste who desires to make it in music can be part of it.

The company helps to identify talented artistes, provides funds for both studio and video production, connects the artistes to people of high esteem able values seen as mentors and fund the distribution.

Mr Eazi seems to be doing a lot. considering he still has to do music himself and the recognition couldn’t have come at a better time.

Tunji Balogun is an Executive Vice President of A&R at RCA Records whose responsibility is to create pop stars who are black and to ensure they get what they need for a successful deal to be made.

These individuals are making a difference in their respective line of work, and it is a reminder that it really doesn’t matter how you start or what you have, but, how many lives have you touched?

Source – Rolling Stone


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