Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Visits Nigeria

Jack Dorsey in Nigeria

Much like when Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria, social media has gone bonkers after the news that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is in Lagos came out.

The tech entrepreneur announced his visit to Nigeria in a simple tweet in which he simply said: “So grateful to finally be in Nigeria 🇳🇬”

Jack Dorsey has been taking in the sights and had dinner with a couple of Nigerians including Tolu Oniru aka Toolz O.

He posted a photo of this on his Twitter too with the caption: “Great dinner w some new friends”

Also, just like with when Mark Zuckerberg was in Nigeria, we have started to see tweets about how humble he is as opposed to other members of the Nigerian elite.

This tweet for instance captures what has just been explained: “Jack in Nigeria. Worth: $4.1bn. Rated:168 richest man in the world. . Lifestyle: Wore a simple T-shirt, Moves around without blowing siren. Naija Rich man: Worth:N10m. Rated: Nobody in the world. Lifestyle: Proud, Arrogant, disobeys traffic laws, Noisy siren cars causing traffic.”

There have also been people who are bored with it all like this user on Twitter who tweeted: “I taught Jack how to say kiloshele”
“Jack likes my shoe”
“Jack and I with my pet Jackina named after Jack because I’ve loved twitter since Jack started Jacking on twitter”

It seems clear that Jack Dorsey is interested in the growing tech space in Nigeria as he visited the co-Creation Hub in Lagos which is where many of Nigeria’s tech entrepreneurs work out of. It would be interesting to see what he has planned for his visit and what new collaborations could come from this visit to Nigeria.

You can check out more reactions to Jack’s visit below.


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