Toyin Lawani Shows Off New Man In Her Life

Toyin Lawani Congolese boyfriend

So it seems Toyin Lawani has found love again if her recent social media posts are anything to go by.

The controversial celebrity has posted photos of herself chilling with the man known as DJO Prince, whom she also claims is a real Prince.

In a number of photos with the two together, Toyin Lawani gushed over him and even hinted that she is of the opinion that Congolese men are more loving than Nigerians.

She captioned one of her posts: “Our swag always on a 100 🔥 Who Agrees that Congo men Are Better At loving than Nigerian men ?”

Toyin Lawani and DJO Prince

She also shared some other photos of DJO Prince and she captioned it: “Yup he’s Actually A Real prince ⭐️ His swag always on a 100 ❤️ But he knows I’m the master when it comes to swag ❤️”

DJO Prince

Not much is known about DJO Prince beyond the fact that he is from Kinshasha, Congo and in his photos seems to live a pretty lavish life. It is also uncertain whether Congo has a royal family, so the claims that he is an actual prince might come under some scrutiny.

Most of the comments on Toyin’s page were supportive with some even teasing her that there are still guys trying to rustle up 2 Million Naira to go on a date with her.

“Mama so u get this kind prince na u let all this boys dey hustle for 2million to go on a date with you😂😂😂😂” said one of the comments.

Recall that the online personality and entrepreneur said that she would marry three men by the time she turns 40, maybe he is one of them.

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