Toyin Abraham Makes Plea To Fans

Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham has pleaded with her fans to not troll people who are seemingly against her as they do not deserve such behavior.

This comes in the wake of a rather nasty feud with fellow actress Lizzy Anjorin with the two exchanging words with one another.

Toyin Abraham put out a video on her Instagram account where she thanked her fans for all their support and then asked them not to troll other people. According to her, leaving them alone gives them a chance to see the glory of God in her life.

Abraham has tried her best to wade too much into the controversy leaving a lot of things to her lawyers.


Her hubby Kolade Ajeyemi had taken to Instagram to speak on the feud between his wife and Lizzy and he said that social media should be used for more impactful things. His post had read: ““We ought to have use social media for more useful and impactful things and not this misbehaviour.

“We are called celebrities because many people look up to us and want to be like us. why are we misleading these people, we are meant to be good teachers and not a bad influence on society. please and please let’s have a change mindset to do good, if not for anything for the fact that people are looking up to us in so many ways of life God bless you all.”

The comments were filled with people impressed that Toyin is taking the high road and others hailed the actress for looking so good even after just having a baby.

We hope this is perhaps the end of this particular feud.

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