Toxic Families Lead LGBT Individuals to Mental Breakdown- Gay Activist Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi and partner
Bisi Alimi and his Husband Photo cr: Punch

Bisi Alimi, a prominent gay rights activist has identified the biggest problem that many LGBT characters face– family.

According to the public speaker, blogger and advocate, many LGBT characters are kept up at night over the sheer toxicity of families unwilling to accept people for what they are and how this had in turn caused many such individuals to suffer from mental illness and breakdowns.

He took to his Instagram page to post about it stating that he was doubtful that people will ever truly heal from the stigma that they face on a daily basis from the very people who should protect them the most.

He captioned the post thus: “Even the strongest among us can is broken by the toxicity of family and many wonder why as LGBT people we have such traumatic life that is filled with depress and mental health breakdown. I am not sure if we will ever heal”


Nigeria is still a majorly anti-LGBT country with laws in place to imprison people who are found to be gay or queer. However, we are seeing a slight shift in public opinion with a few more people in favour of integrating more with the LGBT community.

People in the comments seemed to be kind, offering words of encouragement and asking him to stand strong even with people against him and for individuals to seek acceptance from themselves rather than from society or even family.

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