Tosyn Bucknor Immortalised By Husband With Touching Poem

Tosyn Bucknor and husband

A year ago we lost a pure soul in radio presenter Tosyn Bucknor who died aged 37 on the 19th of November.

She was then married to Aurelien Boyer who wrote a poem in memory of his wife.

They didn’t have any kids.

Read the poem below:

It’s just another day in my heart.

It will be ten years,
It will be a hundred years,
It will be forever and a day.
It will be forever and I may,
I may want to talk to you,
I may want to find you,

I may want to hold you.
I may want no one but you, And I know,
And I know, I can see you: near ?
And I know, I can feel you here !
And I know, I can hear you breathe.
And I know, I can rest, days and nights last.

Days and nights last like one single season,
Days and nights last for no reason,
Round and round for whatever reason,
Beautiful circles of wait.
Beautiful quest that I can never waste.

You showed me things I couldn’t see
You showed me things I still can’t see
You showed the one we cannot see.

You died and I was born.
A second life. This one? It’s gone.

It’s gone, I want to say sorry.
It’s gone. I want to repent dearly.
It’s gone ! I want to rewrite the whole story.

I want to take us back to the end,
I want to back us till the end,
I want anything but not for you to end.

It does not make sense
It cannot make sense
Has it ever made sense?

Your love is better than love
Your touch is better than love
You brought God to me
You brought God for me
You talk about God to me
You bring about God for me
Your love for me, your acts make God have His way into me

Tenses don’t matter.
Words, cries and shouts don’t matter
My heart speaks louder than any of the above
My heart speaks all of the above
My heart can never tell all of the above
My heart is full, fuller, fullest. And above,

All and lust and fun
All and least and fast
All it last and all is gone
All is lost and all is found
I was lost and now I’m found

Silly touches of green
Your favourite colour
Silly touches of white
Your favourite colour
Silly touches of green
I see you, I see the light

Now I know what real love is
I finally know what real love is
I’ve never seen a beauty like this

Beautiful creature of God,
In the scriptures, in the Word
You gave the key to the whole wide world

It’s been a year
It’s been forever
Will it end? Never.

It’s just another day in my heart.
It’s just another day, and it’s hard.

Forgive me when I pour
Forgive me when it sparks
Forgive me when it’s sour
Forgive me when it’s dark

I meet you behind the door.

This is how I see you.
This is how I’m with You.
This is how I paint you in my dreams.

Your love is my realm.
This pain is just a lie.
I write for You, and you never die.


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