Tory Lanez & ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star, Prince In Club Fight- Report

tory Lanez vs Prince

Canadian singer and rapper, Tory Lanez seemed to get into a rather nasty fight with ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star, Prince Michael Harty in a club.

He was headlining a show at LIV Miami when the two allegedly got into a fist fight.

According to TMZ who obtained a video of the incident, Tory Lanez and his entourage ganged up to beat up on Prince.

The reason for the altercation is still unknown.

“Last night our security broke up an altercation between Love and Hip Hop’s Prince and Tory Lanez. We have a zero tolerance policy towards violence and both parties were immediately asked to leave the venue” the club said in a statement.


Tory Lanez recently had a chat with ‘The Rap Up’ where he gave his top 5 R&B singers of all time. The argument had flared up recently when Jacques released an album called ‘The King of R&B’

Speaking on who he felt was on top of the R&B game, Tory was pretty diplomatic with his answer, “I think everybody’s a king in their own right,” he said. “I think there’s this common misconception that somebody shouldn’t say something that’s too big. Are people supposed to limit themselves? Are you supposed to want to be number two?”

When pressed to list his top stars, he called on . R. Kelly, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Usher, Michael Jackson and himself.

He qualified his statement about R.Kelly and said that putting him amongst the best R&B singers wasn’t an endorsement of his crimes.

“Despite the things that he’s done, I think music and craft-wise, I would give it to R. Kelly. He’s just been doing it for so long and he did so many different genres and did them phenomenally on the music side. I don’t agree with the things he did on the other side, but musically you gotta give it to guys like that.”

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