Tonto Dikeh On What Makes Her The Man She Is Today

Tonto Dikeh

Maybe Tonto Dikeh has plans to do a gender swap and her latest comments allude to something along those lines–okay, they don’t but they are interesting.

The Nollywood actress has endeavored to play the role of both mother and father to her young son and on more than one occasion she has dressed up as a man to celebrate father’s day.

She took to her Instagram to claim that she is proud of where she is today and that if not for some of the mistakes she has made in life, she wouldn’t be the ‘Man’ she is.

She said in her post: “I’M THANKFUL FOR ALL MY MISTAKES/FAILURES. THEY ARE THE EVIDENCE THAT PROVES I TRIED. I’ve learned more from failure than I have success. It’s the training ground that’s preparing me for where I’m going. I no longer fear it. Instead, it gets me closer to the GOAL. Without it, I wouldn’t be the MAN I am today.”

Naturally, those comments didn’t go down well with many, and some drew parallels with her good friend Bobrisky, but that was not a problem as the actress had adequate back up from her legion of fans. Take for example this comment from one of them: “If only your critics can measure your smartness! Ahahaha😂 Tonto knew whom she was. There’s no gender in the spiritual and we are all spirit in human (gender) body… ain’t saying anyone is perfect but she’s smart and still aiming for more regardless👌👍🙏🦅”

King Tonto Dikeh

For someone who has ‘King’ in her Instagram handle, there really isn’t anything else to expect.


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