Tonto Dikeh has vowed to arrest Funny Bone next month at his upcoming show

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is all over the news, from doing a YouTube video where she exposed a number of…dodgy details about her ex-husband, to interviews with Daddy Freeze.

She is in the midst of more drama as she threatened to have Nigerian comedian Funnybone arrested at his next show.

The actress has been rather prickly with anyone who has had any dissenting opinion to her message about her husband and Josh Funnybone poked the bear with a provocative message on his Instagram page where he promoted his upcoming show.

The image showed that amongst other things, he was going to be discussing Tonto Dikeh a lot, something that the actress views as an assault of sorts.

He then captioned it: “Dear Tonto @tontolet come June 9th I go talk o! Cheii!!!!”

She was quick to respond, claiming that she would have him arrested and that if he uses her name to promote the show, he owes her money and will pay or else be arrested and still pay but this time in court fees and bail.

Tonto Dikeh

She also put up a post on her page saying that she sees the shots being fired at her by some Nollywood stars and that she isn’t responding to them and that they are not worth the time. She captioned it: “I LOVE HOW YOU GUYS FEAR ME SO MUCH!! NO TAGS ,JUST SUBS!!”

She also directed people to her YouTube page where she stated that she would be vlogging about all the drama rather than giving interviews. She claimed that any blogger or news site that wanted news on her could do so via the YouTube page and that she hoped that the two entities would make money together.


Tonto Dikeh has certainly done a good job on branding herself, it’ll be interesting to see how this translates moving forward.

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