Tonto Dikeh And Bobrisky Visit Daddy Freeze At Home For An Explosive Interview

Tonto Dikeh

Possibly two of the most controversial figures in the Nigerian Entertainment space, Tonto Dikeh and Bobrisky, visited another lightning rod for controversy, Daddy Freeze and held a no holds barred talk.

Tonto Dikeh has been committed to speaking about her experiences with ex-Husband Olakunle Churchill and this has led to a number of outbursts that have been almost hyperbolic in nature.

Speaking the Interview, Tonto Dikeh declared that she is a shameless woman and would continue to fight Churchill, she also claimed that many actresses are getting married to Yahoo boys and only realize their error after the fact.

“This is the thing most of our actresses go through but nobody says anything. We get so lonely and when we need somebody to hold onto, we get into the wrong hands. Half of us have married ‘Yahoo’ boys.

“Most of them are just walking away because it is too shameful for them but I am shameless; I will talk because I don’t have any shame in my life. I don’t because if this man is arrested tomorrow, they will link him to me because I was once married to him.” she said.

She also claimed that Churchill didn’t foot many of the bills he was supposed to, including the wedding which she said she paid for and also the hotel rooms booked for the wedding were bankrolled by a friend.

Tonto Dikeh also alleged that Churchill had a sexual problem, claiming that he was a one minute man, unable to consummate for a longer period.

According to her: “My ex-husband can not stay more than 40 seconds in a woman. Our longest sex was 1 minute and that is when we had our son King,”

These claims were made following a video she made on YouTube in which she claimed that her ex-husband is an internet fraudster and a ritualist


You can also check below to see the full discussion she had with Daddy Freeze and Bobrisky.


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