Toke Makinwa Suffers Backlash After Latest Relationship Advice

Toke Makinwa marriage

On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa, incurred the ire of fans after her latest video in which she dishes relationship advice to women.

The radio show host claimed in a new video that she’s the kind of person who would fight with her man for no apparent reason at all and who would then ruin his day and her idea of making up for it would be to send a raunchy picture so as to get him over his anger.

Toke Makinwa claimed that she does this because she’s a Scorpio and she advised women to do the same as life is too boring as it is.

She caught a lot of backlash for this video with people unable to understand why she would advise women to ruin a man’s day and then blame it on being Scorpio.

Toke Makinwa also stated that she would knowingly pull her shenanigans on a day that is important to her man like a day he has a meeting or when he wants to close a deal.

The reactions were mostly negative towards Toke Makinwa with Twitter users hitting out at her over her comments.

“If you need to play these kinds of games to keep your love life “interesting” as an adult then you need to see a therapist.” said one of the commenters.

Someone else was dismayed that she just wasn’t saying wrong stuff, but she was also encouraging others to act the same, “Not just spewing (trash) but encouraging others to do so. Fighting with my partner drains me every single time, now why would I want to drain myself intentionally? Why would you want to put your partner through emotional torture,yet you claim to love them? This is witchcraft abeg”

You can check out other reactions to the tweet below.



What do you think? Do you think a relationship can only work with a healthy dose of crazy?

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